Our mission is to come alongside people to help them grow their personal walk in Christ, live in a God honoring marriage and to coach them to do the same for others.

About Matt

Matt brings his exceptional commitment and wisdom to The Confession Closet's esteemed board of directors, a group comprising four exceptional individuals who embody qualities of professionalism, unwavering support, and deep passion for the mission of The Confession Closet.

Beyond his vital role on the board, Matt embodies the essence of devotion as a loving father to four cherished children and a proud grandfather to an astounding ten grandchildren, further extending his legacy to three great-grandchildren. His credentials include being a certified life coach with an astounding 20,000 hours of dedicated study in his field. Over the past 15 years, he has leveraged this expertise to guide and mentor individuals in various aspects of life, culminating in a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Since 2014, Matt has channeled his energies towards a noble cause, specializing in aiding couples in navigating the complexities of marriage and offering crucial support to men seeking liberation from the shackles of pornography, sex addiction, and other challenging dependencies. His enduring dedication to transforming lives shines through in his tireless work at The Confession Closet, where his leadership and compassionate guidance continue to make a profound impact.

About Scott

Scott and his lovely wife, Cindy, have celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss, and their love story continues to grow. Together, they are the proud parents of three incredible sons: Silas, Sage and Elijah, who now shares his life with his wife Savannah and their new baby girl, Denver Grace. Their home is further enriched by the presence of two cherished canine companions, Kamo (who you can see in the photo) and Harlow.

Professionally, Scott has been a dedicated member of an esteemed electrical distribution company for an impressive 31 years, demonstrating unwavering commitment and expertise in his field. Beyond his career, he has dedicated the last four years to guiding and coaching couples to strengthen their marriages and offering valuable support to individuals navigating life's challenges.

Scott's commitment to community extends to his role as a dedicated board member of The Confession Closet, where he has served with distinction for two years, helping to provide support and guidance to those in need.

In his cherished moments of leisure, Scott finds true happiness in the great outdoors, where he enjoys quality time with both family and friends, making lasting memories amidst the beauty of nature.

About Frank

Frank is not only a loving husband to his beautiful wife Nicole but also a devoted father to their four incredible daughters. Their home feels like a bustling sanctuary, brimming with a menagerie of beloved animals. Professionally, Frank is a self-employed architect, running a thriving architectural firm.

However, what truly sets Frank apart is his unwavering commitment to his role as a husband and father. In a world where numerous forces seek to dismantle the sacred family structure that God has designed, Frank stands as a steadfast guardian, protecting and nurturing the bonds within his own family.

Frank's journey with the Seven Pillars material began seven years ago when he embarked on a transformational path with the guidance of Matt. He has since absorbed and applied these principles to his life, enriching his role as a husband and father.

Additionally, Frank has dedicated three years of his life to serve as a board member with the Confession Closet, exemplifying his commitment to meaningful and impactful community involvement.

Frank's life is a testament to the strength and resilience of the family unit, and he continues to inspire those around him with his unwavering dedication to the values he holds dear.

About Andy

Andy's nine-year journey alongside his beloved wife Jonelle is a remarkable testament to unwavering love and commitment. Together, they have navigated the intricate tapestry of marriage and parenthood, raising four extraordinary children named Samson, ElliAnn, Gracelynn, and Tyson.

Andy's life underwent a profound transformation as he embarked on a transformative path to healing from sexual addiction, guided by the wisdom and grace of his mentor, Matt. Over the course of nearly a decade, Andy has demonstrated exceptional resilience and dedication in his pursuit of personal redemption and growth.

A beacon of hope and strength, Andy has not only discovered healing for himself but has also actively contributed to the community as a leader of Pure Desire groups. In this role, he offers unwavering support and guidance to those who seek liberation from the chains of pornography addiction.

Additionally, Andy has generously dedicated three years of his life to serve as a valued member of the board of directors for the Confession Closet. Through this commitment, he aims to create a world where men and their families can break free from the grip of addiction and embrace a life of spiritual freedom and wholeness in Christ.

Andy's journey is an inspiring testament to the power of faith, love, and personal transformation. His deepest desire is to witness men and families break free from the destructive cycle of pornography addiction, allowing them to experience the true freedom and spiritual vitality that can only be found in Christ.


Currently no one at the confession closet is a professional or licensed counselor or therapist. However, we are mandatory reporters for any confessed abuse of any kind to the proper authorities law enforcement, suicide units, child protective agencies etc. We offer Christ centered, biblically based and life experience coaching. We believe praying before and after each session is beneficial to the healing process. We hold all matters in the strictness of confidence.